All about inDrive

To move you easily and with incredible speed, inDrive is a transportation service that ensures the best rates you can offer yourself and with qualified and experienced drivers. What is inDrive? How does inDrive work?

What is inDrive?

inDrive is a revolutionary transportation service that has been announced to launch in Australia this year 2023. It is called a revolutionary transportation service because inDrive brings justice to the transportation market. It allows drivers and passenger to set their own price by discussing directly. The transport service revolutions is indriver a russian company. In June of the year 2022, inDrive was launched in Melbourne and from this year it is operational in Sidney, Brisbane, Melbourne.

How does inDrive work?

inDrive allows the passenger to make a request for a ride, that is, the passengers choose where they should be picked up and where they will be dropped off. After that, the passenger can indicate the price he/she is able to pay for the trip. In addition, it is possible to add other details such as a stop along the way or a baby car seat. If the passenger finishes these steps, it is up to the nearby drivers to accept the offer or to propose its price and conditions to the passenger. The passenger has several offers in front of him and it is up to him to choose what suits him. Apart from the price that the drivers offer, the passenger can choose the driver he wants according to his grade or the car that he drives and the time he gives for this trip. In fact, like all other transportation services, you can contact the driver before he arrives and know the time he will be there and also a geolocation in real time.

Know that with inDrive, there will be no price increase due to weather or high demand. This is known as a surge. To allow drivers to sign up, inDrive waives commission requirements for the first 6 months of employment. Note that inDrive's commission will be the lowest in the transportation services market.