Americans have found a substitute for heroin

In the United States, there is a real war on opioids. The Kratom herbal supplement, which is the name under which the herbal products are sold, is bringing long-awaited relief to millions of addicted Americans. It may save the US from a wave of drug-related deaths, but it is about to be banned.

Kratom is called a natural alternative to artificial painkillers

The leaves of kratom, or Mitragyna speciosa, a tree in the tropical regions of Southeast Asia, have been used for hundreds of years in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and neighbouring countries. Local farmers find that chewing them improves mood and energises. The effect is broadly similar to the invigorating effect of caffeine. Click here for more information . In high doses it can cause euphoria. Kratom is called a natural alternative to artificial painkillers. It helps to cope with chronic pain and the consequences of withdrawal syndrome, i.e. it is easy to give up opioids and even heroin. The dry leaves can be brewed like tea. The powder is also popular, which is simply mixed with water or a kind of smoothie, and is also taken in capsules. Usually the effect of kratom appears within an hour and lasts for two to four hours. The rarest method of use is smoking, in which case the effect manifests itself most poorly.

Americans rush to get

In 2017, US President Donald Trump declared a health emergency in the country due to the unprecedented scale of the drug addiction epidemic. More than 63,000 Americans were reported to have overdosed in 2016, more than 40,000 deaths were associated with opioids and the death toll doubled in just one year. It turns out that more than 150 people die every day from overdoses, more than from gunshot wounds and car accidents. The culprits are often doctors who write prescriptions for powerful painkillers left and right.