Black Friday: the event of the year

Black Friday is an American tradition that has now spread to several European countries such as France, Switzerland ... You are curious to discover more about this event!? This article informs you about the essential to know about the Black Friday.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the name of the event that takes place every last Friday of November. In other words, it is the Friday after Thanksgiving, which is a religious holiday celebrated in the United States. Black Friday is a commercial tradition of American origin that began in 1960. Moreover, the tradition continues every year and this year will take place the Black Friday 2022.

Black Friday is a way to improve the dynamism of commerce, especially online commerce. This tradition one of the best writing ideas. During the day of Black Friday, merchants offer significant discounts on their items.

This event marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. Black Friday only lasts 24 hours but often extends into the weekend and is even followed by another big day of promotions: Cyber Monday.

Black Friday 2022: What is the official date?

Are you excited to find out the date of Black Friday 2022? Know that you are not the only one. The official date of Black Friday varies each year even though it's always on a Friday. Black Friday 2022 will launch in a few weeks.

Just like the previous years, new promotions are expected in stores, malls, supermarkets this year. If we refer to the tradition, Black Friday will take place on the last Friday of November. It is therefore likely that the Black Friday 2022 will be held on Friday, November 25. So you can start to prepare yourself for a better shopping experience.

In conclusion, Black Friday is an event that allows you to make huge savings on your purchases. If you are a fan of shopping, this is the perfect time for you.