How to get your Visitax online for Mexico?

Travelling to certain countries such as Mexico requires compliance with certain requirements. One of the standards to be respected is the Visitax a kind of tax to pay to travel to the regions of Mexico from now on. How do I obtain this authorization? Discover here the 3 essential steps to pay this new tax.

Fill out a form

Completing the questionnaire is the first step in paying for your tourist tax mexico. Enter your personal data on the form without error. Visitors are usually asked to provide the following information: name, email address, age, telephone number, etc. This information must be true and personal. The advantage is that you can easily provide this information online without moving. Similarly, it is not complicated to do so, just follow exactly the different steps requested on the platform.

Pay Tax

This is the second step to validate your registration form. This payment itself is done by several means. You can, for example, send your tax via PayPal, MasterCard, visa, etc. This gives you a variety of choices. It is recommended to choose the most advantageous payment method for you. After this, you can rest assured that you have met most of the necessary conditions to travel to Mexico.

Get a Code

With the email you provided when filling out the form, you will be sent a QR code. Generally, this code is provided one hour after payment. This code is proof of your subscription to Visitax. Without this code, you would not be allowed to travel to Mexico. If you have not received this code, it may mean that you have not properly filled out your form. In this case, first identify your errors. Once the error has been identified, you can now resume the process. If you still do not receive a code, it is possible to contact the customer service of the site.