How to play Aviator Casino online?

If you run after the big, you can lose the small. This is how the basic money-making tactics in the aviator slot machine can be described. A failed game and a complete emptying of the deposit is only based on your greed and lack of stamina, but there is a completely different approach to the game. Find out in this article the strategies for playing and winning the aviator.

What are the airman strategies when playing for money?

The single bet game is the most suitable solution for beginners. Your attention will not be scattered, which will allow you to carefully monitor the process of earning money in aviator online. The first step is to determine the deposit balance you will start with. It is this choice that determines the value of the speed at which you will play. The goal is for you to have enough money in your 1win online casino account for 200 bets (minimum 100). In other words, if you have 10 dollars in your account, we recommend that you play 10 cent bets. If for example the account has 20 dollars, then you can already place bets for 200 spins. Your bets may be larger, but in this case you need to have more money in your account. After determining the size of the bet for a round in Aviator, it is necessary to determine the strategy and tactics.

Minimum risk tactics to play Aviator for money

This strategy does not bring you a big jackpot in a short time, but it does allow you to feel comfortable while playing. If you lose a bet, you don't lose much and this strategy mainly focuses on saving your money. The essence of the strategy is that your bets are small and each withdrawal on each spin should be at a multiplier of x1.20-x1.21. You can enable auto cashout and auto bet options. This allows you to minimize the number of lost games and systematically replenish your balance. Once the balance increases, you can upgrade to higher odds.

Moderate risk tactics when playing for money in aviator

It is recommended to choose this strategy if you have no money constraints or if you have large funds in your 1win online casino account. When using this tactic in the Aviator, you are playing with x2-x3 odds. The probability of results with a multiplier of 2-3 is 40-42%. But sometimes, when you are confident in your own strengths and there has not been a big multiplication for a long time, you can take a risk by swinging at big coefficients. With a little luck, you are not only able to keep a positive balance, but you can also increase your amount of money considerably.