Three Ideas of Halloween costumes

It is Halloween and you are looking for the perfect disguise for your child. Do not worry, there are a lot of disguises that can be good to your children and fit with their hobbies. Discover in this article some ideas of Halloween costumes.

Disguise in Relationship With Fairy Tale

It is the kind of disguise that kids fans of fairy tale like. For boys, it will be a good Idea to provide them with knight or magician costumes. If they love fantastic animals, a dragon disguise will be the perfect costume parents can offer them. There are a lot of places where parents can find those kinds of clothes. It is even possible to find disguises on the internet. For example, for dragon costume, you can consult

Besides, princess or witch disguises are the popular style that girls adopt during Halloween. For a princess style, they need a dress and a crown. To adopt witch style, a brush, a long black dress and a hat are what they need.

Disguise in Relationship With Monster

A lot of children would like to be disguised in a monster they have seen on movies. The classic styles linked to this theme are vampire, ghost and zombies disguises. This kind of disguise can be made in DIY.

To make a vampire disguise you need a white sleeve, black pants and shoes. You also need a red or black cap and a red handkerchief. To make the disguise prefect you can add make up. For a ghost disguises, you just need a white cloth. For a zombie style, you must tear some old clothing.

Disguise in Relationship With Profession

Children have a profession they convet. Parents may provide them with kind of clothing that is related to the profession. For example, for a child who is passionated by medicine a smock will be a perfect costume. There are a lot of places where parents can buy those disguises. Some of them may also be done in DIY.