What should I know about cleaning a jam tray with jam stuck to the bottom?

Very popular with cooking enthusiasts, jams have acquired a certain reputation over the years. Nevertheless, some inconveniences can occur during their confections. It is the palpable example of the residues of jam which stick at the bottom of the vat during the making of a jam. In this case, the cleaning of the pan must be done with all the control that goes with it. This article tells you how.

Use hot water and vinegar

What needs to be said is that the burning of jam in the bin accentuates the blackness of the latter. Let us specify that the cleanliness of a pan is linked here to its degree of blackness. The first thing to do is to pierce the glaze. Then, by using a scrubber, you will finalize the shine of the pan. The process to do this is quite simple. First, place the pan on the stove. Then, you will pour a cup of water and vinegar into the pan. At this point, you can begin the cleaning process with regular scrubbing.

Soaking the jam pan

You can also opt for a second solution which will consist of soaking the tray in a liquid. It will be up to this liquid to proceed with the removal of the jam residues by lifting the jam marks. To succeed in this solution, you must first put water in the pan while adding drops of dishwashing liquid. Once the mixture is done, you will only have to wait for one hour. Finally, you will use a magic sponge to practice washing.

Use soft drinks

It may sound strange, but soft drinks are very good for removing the remaining dirt in a pan. All you have to do is fill the pan with soda to the point of covering the bottom. After a few moments, the dross will start to leave instantly. Again, you'll use a magic sponge to ensure cleanup.