Why should you visit Chambord Castle ?

France is a country in Western Europe that is full of castles, which have served as residences for kings. One of these castles is Chambord, a town located 17 km from Blois. This castle, built in a forest park, is visited several times a year in France. Discover in this article the reasons for visiting this feudal residence.

Accessibility for all

Chambord Castle is a residence built in the Xᵉ century and which was refurbished in the XVIᵉ century under the supervision of King Francis I. It is a castle near Paris that was occupied by several French kings before becoming a UNESCO heritage site from 1981. Thus, the castle is open to all where schedules are defined for visits. Throughout the year, the castle opens its doors from 9 am to 5 pm from 2 January to 24 March. From 25 March to 29 October of each year, the closing hours are extended. As a result, the feudal house, which opens at 9 a.m., will close at 6 p.m. The same applies to the period from 23 to 30 December. The period from 30 October to 22 December is open from 9 am to 5 pm. 

The castle remains closed only on 1 January, 27 November and 25 December of each year. All persons living in France and throughout Europe can visit the castle free of charge if they are not older than 25 years. To do so, the visitor must present his/her identity card or passport. If the visitor is an adult over 25 years of age, he or she must pay a ticket of 16 euros, which is the full price.

Good logistics on site

The Château de Chambord has a wide range of parking facilities in its vicinity. For example, visitors who come in a vehicle can park their cars safely for a whole day for a flat fee of €6. In case you don't like to pay, you can keep your car on the main road next to the forest park. In addition, there are tour guides who take visitors through the castle in great detail. Indeed, there are specific rooms that some kings have occupied in this castle. The forest park in which the castle is located contains both animal and plant species.

There are also several restaurants in the castle, some of which operate on an alternative basis. However, you will enjoy a good sandwich while visiting this castle. There are hotels very close to this castle that open their doors towards it. There are also hostels and motels and all this at affordable prices, which makes it easier for visitors to get there.

A castle with good architecture

The Chambord castle has the privilege of being renovated every time a room becomes defective. Thus, it is always sumptuous and pleasant through its various rooms. Its architecture establishes a back-and-forth between the Middle Ages and the contemporary world. In the gardens of this building, you can take a beautiful view as a souvenir of your visits. The central staircase leads to the different floors of the castle. In order not to get lost or miss a room, it is a good idea to take a look at the castle's escape route. The kitchens built in the 18th century, the reception rooms and the carriage house will leave you speechless in this castle.